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Breath of Frost (Dark and Wicked Fae #2)

If I thought working for one Fae fixer was hard, working for two should be great.

Jack Frost stole me away from Avilion for more than kicks and giggles: someone is plotting an attempt on Queen Nicnevin’s life, and I’m just the dryad to help hunt down the assassin.
But the underworld of Annwyn holds more than just knives in the shadows—it holds the secrets of my past and future.
With the Wild Hunt running…well, wild, and the tensions rising between my two bosses, I might find far more than I bargained for in the world of the Unseelie.
And when the knives come out to strike…I’d better not be in their way.

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TBA (Dark and Wicked Fae #3)


TBA (Pack of Rebels #1)