Upcoming Releases

June 2020

Hell Hath No Fury (Razing Hell #3)

Easy is the descent into Hell.
Especially when you embrace the darkness.
And it embraces you back.

Revenge is so close I can almost taste it.
Belial has brought me everything I wanted and more- he served me vengeance on a silver platter, along with his heart.
But my own faults have caused a rift between myself, Lucifer, and Azazel. If I want to destroy Satan and live happily ever after in Hell, hard choices must be made.
And when the Dragon himself takes something I hold dear, the choice is final: I must wield the Sword of Light once more, even at the risk of being burned alive.
I have no fear.
After all, Hell hath no fury like an angel scorned.

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July 2020

Wolf Bait (A Little Lunacy #1)

From hunter to prey…

When you want someone to hunt down a Lycan serial killer, you ask for the best.
am the best.
The Beast of Gévaudan’s ass will be mine.
But the three Lycans who hired me to find him are now claiming they’re my mates: the mysterious Alpha, the charming bad boy, and the grumpy bodyguard protecting me during my mission.
Even though I never asked for three boyfriends, they’re unwilling to let me go, determined to make me part of the pack.
I might feel at home among the wolves, but the Lycans are hiding something from me. The Beast is so much more than he seems.
And surrounded by my mates, I forget who is the hunter… and who is the hunted.

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