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Stoneheart: A Dark Paranormal Romance

A heart of gold for a heart of stone.

As a cop, my motives are clear: uphold the law, preserve justice, and protect innocent lives, but when you throw gargoyles into the mix, all bets are off. Add in grieving your past mistakes, and it’s nearly impossible.
I should’ve known better than to find solace in the arms of Damien Viridios, an Emerald gargoyle known for philanthropy and his huge… helicopter.
Sure, he showed me a good time. Then he cut out my heart and replaced it with a chunk of living stone, making me a gargoyle, too. Worst. Night. Ever.
Now my skin is almost bullet-proof and I can lift a car overhead, but there’s a huge target painted on my back. That’s the last Ruby stoneheart of House Kyrillian beating in my chest, and one of the gargoyle Orders wants to crush out its magic. Permanently.
Gio Onyarai, an Onyx bodyguard assigned to me by Damien, is sworn to defend my life, but it’s impossible to get anything done while he’s taking over my apartment; my partner on the force, Sawyer Hawkins, blames himself for my new inhuman heart, refusing to let go of the mortal I once was.
I never asked to be made a gargoyle, but now that I have a stoneheart of my own, I’ll do anything to defend it from those who want to destroy it… I’m just not sure if I can stop these three from stealing it.

Stoneheart is a fast-burn standalone reverse harem romance, with plenty of steam, action, a strong heroine, and a guaranteed HEA where she doesn’t have to choose.