New Worlds, New Projects

Hey, bookwyrms! My new book series set in an urban fantasy/paranormal world goes live tomorrow, starting with Ill Will, a reverse harem bully romance. There’ll be vampires, stepbrothers, incubi, public humiliation, petty and not-so-petty vengeance, and other fun things of that nature. The second book, Bad Blood, is already underway as well.

Victoria’s Trilogy, the first three books in the Bonds of Blood world, will most likely be the only books in an academy setting in this series. Every three books will feature a new setting, heroine, and harem, but since they share a small world, there’ll be a lot of overlaps and cameos to play with. Bonds of Blood will likely be my main writing focus through the rest of 2019, and most of 2020, because I’ve got 18 books planned in this world. There’ll be other writing projects too, but I particularly love writing in a world where I can really dig into the world-building in addition to the romance.

As for the Cimmerian Cage, and some unanswered questions from that world, I’m currently plotting out a novella that should put some of those questions to rest… but I’m not answering all of them, because there’s definitely going to be more books in that world, too.

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