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Razing Hell

An action-packed reverse harem romance! An angel pushed from Heaven must claw her way for revenge… if she can escape her demons first.

For the Hell of It

Hell to Pay

Hell Hath No Fury

All Hell Breaks Loose

Hell Bent

Pack of Rebels

The first in a rejected mates urban fantasy shifter romance! Senna is marked as the Lunar Scion, the living vessel for the wolves’ moon goddess… but allowing the goddess to possess her means certain death. Will she find allies against the goddess, or will all her fated mates reject her as a heretic?

Moon Wrath: Coming May 2021

Into the Dark Anthology

A limited edition anthology that will feature a bonus story from Razing Hell by Cate Corvin.
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Dark and Wicked Fae

A dryad is pulled into the underworld of a Seelie hitman in this Hades and Persephone-inspired urban fantasy reverse harem romance!

Spin the Shadows
Breath of Frost

Bonds of Blood

All I wanted to do was make my brother proud by earning my place in Libra Academy. Now I have to go toe to toe with my asshole stepbrother and his gorgeous best friend… all while a vampire knight stalks me from the shadows.

Ill Will

Bad Blood

Dirty Deeds

The Cimmerian Cage

A witch cursed with uncontrollable fire is sent to a prison posing as a reform school in this steamy academy trilogy.

Kissed by Wildfire

Kissed by Moonlight

Kissed by Midnight

The Complete Series Boxset with Exclusive Stories


A reverse harem gargoyle romance packed with cop action and steam!

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2022 Books

A Slice of Heaven (Heavenly Preyers #1)

A continuation of the Razing Hell saga!

A virginal succubus is tasked with hunting down the rogue archangels of Heaven alongside a crew of demonic warriors in this steamy paranormal romance.

Preorder here for January 2022! Date subject to change.